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Don't let your unused camper get buried in snow all winter. We are open year round and have a steady stream of customers looking to purchase pre-owned campers. We can get you money in your pocket now!

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Have a camper or vehicle you would like to sell? Our RV Consignment program allows you to sell your vehicle and camper without going through the hassle of trying to sell them yourself. You can fill out this form or contact us via email or phone.

We have been in the RV business since 1985 and have sold thousands of campers and vehicles. Let us present your vehicle or camper at our location, on our website and to our customers. We will handle the entire sales process and will let our experience and reputation work for you. There is no upfront cost to you for this service as we only get paid when a sale is made on your behalf.

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How would you describe the condition of your consignment. (1-10) 10 being brand new or like brand new.

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