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Polar RV is a family orientated RV dealership located in New Hampshire. We stock one of the largest inventories of new and pre-owned truck campers in the Northeast with models and sizes to fit just about any truck. Your needs are our top priority, and you’ll see this reflected in everything we do. Polar RV has specialized in truck camper sales since 1985!

Where it all began...

With help from his father Gene, owner Dan DiPirro got his start in business when he began an ice cream truck business with his father while still in high school. It was called Polar Bear Ice Cream. In 1984, the DiPirro family decided to take a camping trip and wanted to purchase a truck camper. After looking through an RV buyer’s guide, they decided they could get a better deal if they went direct to the manufacturer. “The manufacturer told us we had to purchase a minimum of three units,” says DiPirro. So, the family drove cross country to California and purchased three campers. “The manufacturer probably thought they’d never see us again – that we were just some guys buying three units to get a better deal,” says DiPirro. That’s exactly what the DiPirros thought as well until they sold the truck campers within two weeks from returning home.

But 10 years later, Polar RV had become one of the top five truck camper dealers in the country. For awhile the DiPirros ran the truck camper business alongside their ice-cream business. Yet they realized that trying to operate both businesses was just too much. They eventually sold the ice-cream business, but the Polar name continued to live on as Polar RV Sales.

“We specialize in truck campers because not a lot of dealers in this area carry them. In fact, many dealers will refer customers who are looking for truck campers to us,” says DiPirro. “As a long time seller and top 10 dealer of Lance Campers, we have seen many truck camper manufacturers come and go during our 37 years in business. Our experience and knowledge of a variety of truck camper brands is what we believe separates us from other dealers. By specializing in truck campers, we can better educate our customers and give them the best service possible.

“People who buy truck campers are a different type of RV’er,” says DiPirro. They live out of their campers, not in them. They are usually more mobile, more active customers, interested in kayaking, biking, hiking, hunting, and motorcycling,” he says. We see many advantages to owning a truck camper. “You can take them camping anywhere, anytime; you don’t have to rely on finding a campground; they’re low maintenance; in most states they are not a registered vehicle; you pay less fees for insurance; they don’t depreciate as much as other RV’s; and they’re easier to drive.

With a variety new and pre-owned makes and models, we have something for everyone. We also give our customers a great deal because we are a small family owned dealership that doesn’t pay commissions to its sales people or have the overhead that some of the larger dealer locations might have. Customers also save a few extra bucks because our dealership is located in New Hampshire, where a truck camper is not a registered vehicle and there is no sales tax. In other words, customers who buy a truck camper in NH can save thousands.

Polar RV has specialized in truck campers since 1985. We carry Truck Campers by Adventurer, Eagle Cap, Bundutec, Real Lite, Palomino, Rouge, SkinnyGuy, Scout, and Travel Lite. We also have a variety of pre-owned units and a selection of light weight travel trailers by Travel Lite.


An Original Polar Bear Ice cream Truck


One of the first loads of truck campers for Polar RV






Growing to one of the largest truck camper dealers on the east coast

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